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My Vacation travel app for iPhone and iPad

My Vacation is a travel app allowing you to create a personal travelogue all from the palm of your hand. Preserve memories of your travels through photos, videos and journals.

My Vacation for iPhone and iPod Touch is perfect for journaling your trip on the move. Featured by Apple and called the Best App for Sharing Adventures by O'Reilly's Best iPhone Apps book.

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Just Brilliant! - Have just returned from a 2 week holiday, using this for the first time. It is incredibly used friendly and impressive to look through once you have entered all the data. What a great reminder it will be with videos, stills, audio and written journal. So much more fun than bringing home plain pics. Thank you!

Not only does this application provides you with packing lists or photo organization, it is also well-rounded, sweeping in its scope, and surprisingly all-inclusive.

Buy Now for $3.99 or equivalent.

My Vacation HD for iPad can be a great way to bring to life your journals. It's also a perfect complement to My Vacation for displaying and editing your travelogue on the larger screen.

Find out more about My Vacation HD here

Great App - This is up there with the best apps I have on my iPad. create stunning visual diaries. You will never forget what you did on another holiday again. Superb app at a great price.

Buy Now for $5.99 or equivalent.