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My Vacation

Extreme Scrapbooking - Wow. I can't really think of anything this app left out. I feel like it's practically a hobby just to play with this app because there are so many components to this. And as a list maker, I like the entire list making section. It's cool how it automatically makes a really nice looking slideshow out of your trip info and media. very fun.


My Vacation HD

Great App - This is up there with the best apps I have on my iPad. create stunning visual diaries. You will never forget what you did on another holiday again. Superb app at a great price.


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Jasper Apps Ltd

Company Contact: Tony Short

Tel: +44 (0) 7706 147 830


Address: Citylife Social Enterprise Centre, 182-190 Newmarket Road, Cambridge, CB5 8HE

Press Releases

November 1st 2011

iPhone 4S Camera Boosts the Potential of Travelogue App

My Vacation is a travel app for iPhone and iPad that helps travellers plan and document their travels in one easy-to-use app, creating an instant photo album to share with family and friends. The improved iPhone 4S camera will be convincing many iPhone users to keep their old camera at home. Equipped with an iPhone and My Vacation they will have a compelling integrated experience for creating travelogues on the move.

Cambridge, United Kingdom - My Vacation by Jasper Apps has been recently featured in the App Store as a must-have app for planning your holiday. The app allows travellers to plan their trip in advance, capture experiences as they are happening and create instant photo albums that can be shared with family and friends.

The latest update allows users to quickly post photos and journals to their Tumblr blogs, adding to the existing Blogger and Wordpress publishing features. With full iOS 5 compatibility the app benefits from the improved camera in the iPhone 4S, and the new Siri assistant can help vocally narrate the daily travel journals.

Other features in the app include the ability to link photos or videos to a location and attach audio commentary or written notes, direct links to useful websites relevant to the location (local weather forecasts or tourist information, for example), and the ability to create virtual postcards. The created travelogues can be interactively played back in the app or shared via various social networks.

July 15th 2011

Jasper Apps launches new version of My Vacation in French, German and Japanese

Plan trips in advance, capture experiences as they are happening and create instant slideshows to share with others

When we visit foreign countries, time passes far too quickly. As soon as we return home our trip of a lifetime soon becomes nothing but a distant memory because we simply don’t have the time to document our experiences, sort and label our photos, or indeed even remember where they were taken.

However, thanks to My Vacation, a newly updated travel app developed by Jasper Apps for the iPhone and iPad, this need no longer be the case. It has been downloaded more than 150 000 times since it first appeared in the App Store in March 2010. It has been featured a number of times on the App Store referral sites and was voted “Best App for Sharing Adventures” in O’Reilly’s Best iPhone apps book.

My Vacation allows travellers to plan their trip in advance, capture experiences as they are happening and create instant photo or video albums that can be shared with family and friends.

My Vacation has been so well received by users world-wide, it has been translated into French, German and Japanese ready for this year’s holiday period, and there are plans to translate it into Spanish and Italian in the not too distant future.

"Just Brilliant!” Commented one user – “I’ve just returned from a 2 week holiday, using this for the first time. It‘s incredibly user-friendly and impressive to look through once you have entered all the data. So much more fun than bringing home plain pics!"

"Near perfect travel journal!” Commented another user. “This app does a great job of capturing travel details. I needed an app that can export and this one does a great job! I'm just getting started using the app but so far am very pleased - the price is a great bargain for the functionality included”

Once My Vacation has been downloaded, it is really easy to use, is not dependent on being connected to the Internet and includes a number of useful features that result in an enjoyable trip. Its comprehensive list-building and note-taking capabilities, for example, are perfect for forward planning and for storing important information such as flight and accommodation details.

Other features include the facilities to link photos or videos to a location and attach audio commentary or written notes, direct links to useful websites relevant to the location (local weather forecasts or tourist information, for example), and the ability to create virtual postcards which, along with journals and photos, can be uploaded onto various social networks.

In order to make My Vacation more intuitive and give users an even better experience, a number of enhancements have been made to the original app. These include the ability to import or export trips via a desktop, facilities to upload to Dropbox, Facebook, and improved slideshow displays.

The new iPad HD version includes background music for playback screens and improved editing features.

Says Tony Short, developer of My Vacation and founder of Jasper Apps. “I’m delighted that My Vacation has been so well received globally and I’d like to personally thank everyone who has taken the time to share their feedback with us. My Vacation is a fun way to capture memories of a great trip and indeed could be used for business trips and documenting other events or projects.

My Vacation and My Vacation HD are available on the App Store in the Travel category at a price of $3/5 or equivalent.

July 7th 2010

My Vacation app for iPhone – a complete travelogue in the palm of your hand

A newly updated application is set to make life easier for those jetting off to sunnier climes.My Vacation, created by Jasper Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch, lets travellers plan and document their travels with one easy-to-use app – and create an instant photo album, too. Already featured in Apple’s “What’s Hot” list, the app has also been voted a Staff Favourite for its convenience and ease of use.

Besides handy packing and ‘To do’ lists, and an invaluable ‘Notes’ facility that stores the user’s links to handy websites, the app allows travellers to create an instant travelogue containing photos, videos, maps, journals and audio recordings. An auto-locate feature in the app ‘remembers’ where photos were taken, and users can choose to create virtual postcards to send to friends, or upload the travelogue to Facebook, Flicker or Twitter.

Tony Short, Director of Jasper Apps explains, “My Vacation takes the hard work out of your trips because you can store everything you need in one place, from pre-departure information such as your flight details and packing list to local maps, information on must-see sights and the local weather.

By letting you organise your photos and videos as you go along, it also creates a complete record of your trip – and lets you share it with your friends and family at the click of a button.”

A free version of the app, My Vacation Lite, has just been released… but travellers can still snap up the complete version of My Vacation for a price of US$3 by visiting

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Notes for editors

About My Vacation

Jasper Apps Ltd is dedicated to developing innovative iPhone applications. Based in Cambridge, UK, the company was formed in September 2009 by Tony Short, who has more than 10 years’ experience in software development. For further information, visit


March 5th, 2010

My Vacation travel app for iPhone – plan, journal and share from the palm of your hand.

Cambridge, UK, March 5th, 2010 - Jasper Apps today announced the release of My Vacation for iPhone and iPod Touch on the Apple App Store. My Vacation is an app for travellers which is packed with features, all within the app rather than simply being an interface to a website, with yet another login. Regardless of network coverage the interface makes it simple to capture the memories of a trip, rather than let them be forgotten.

Tony Short, Director of Jasper Apps explained, “The idea behind My Vacation grew during a trip to Jasper, Canada. It was a trip of a lifetime, worth treasuring. We all have fond memories of past vacations, but those memories fade away over time. Once back from vacation, despite best intentions, there is rarely the time or inclination to spend time on a computer to record what happened and to label the photos taken. My Vacation harnesses the iPhone interface, camera, and GPS to encourage users to update a journal during the vacation.


  • Plan activities and what to pack before the vacation.

  • Take photos and video during the vacation, together with captions and location data.

  • Write or record audio journals for each day.

  • Interactive playback of the vacation including maps, photos and journals.

  • Upload photos and journals to Facebook, Twitter and email.

The release date is perfectly timed for those going on vacation during Easter, or starting to plan for the Summer.

Device Requirements: iPhone and iPod touch running iPhone OS 3.0 or later

Pricing and Availability: My Vacation is available at an introductory price of $3 (USD) and available exclusively through the Apple App Store in the Travel category.

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