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My Vacation HD for iPad

My Vacation HD will let you plan and document trips on your iPad with one easy-to-use app.

Click here to go to iTunes and download.


  • Plan activities and what to pack before the vacation.
  • Create a travel journal containing photos, videos, maps, journals and audio recordings.
  • Interactively follow an animated playback of the trip, or display in a blog layout.
  • Upload to Dropbox, Blogger, Wordpress, Facebook, Flicker, Twitter and Email.

My Vacation HD is a great complement to the Apple-featured iPhone app My Vacation, but also a perfectly useable app in it's own right.

You can bring in photos and video from the iPad Photos app, or the My Vacation iPhone app. Furthermore with the Camera Connection Kit you could take you iPad on vacation and create a travel journal with photos from your dedicated camera without even touching your computer!

Great App - This is up there with the best apps I have on my iPad. create stunning visual diaries. You will never forget what you did on another holiday again. Superb app at a great price.

For existing users of My Vacation - what does this offer you?:

  • Larger display for your photos and trip playbacks.
  • A new 'Travelogue' display showing a blog-style view of your trip.
  • An easier way to type in your journal entries.
  • Increased peace of mind from having your journals stored on iPad as well as iPhone.

If you want to see for yourself what the app looks like then view the screenshots or watch this video: