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My Vacation Features

My Vacation is a fully featured app that allows you to create a travelogue on your iPhone:

  • Take photos and videos during your trip.

  • Enter several travel destinations and see useful links and travel tools including weather, currency rates and timezone information.

  • Keep a list of important travel information and things to pack.

  • Keep a diary from each day on the trip

  • Add audio and text captions to each photo.

  • View a map of where the photos were taken.

  • Playback the trip with a smooth and interactive presentation.

  • Upload photos and journals to email, Dropbox, Facebook, Blogger, Wordpress, Flickr, and Twitter.

  • Generate an email postcard to send to friends.

  • View your trip on a desktop browser on the same Wi-Fi network.

  • Transfer your trip to another My Vacation or My Vacation HD app via Wi-Fi.