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My Vacation FAQ

Before you buy

After you've bought

What does My Vacation do?

My Vacation is an iPhone travel app that allows you to create a plan, journal and share your trip all from your iPhone or iPod Touch. See Features for more details.

Where can I buy it?

My Vacation is available from the App Store in all stores for a price equivalent to $3. A Lite version is also available with an option in the app to upgrade.

Where do I get news about My Vacation?

Does it support iPod Touch?

It can be used by iPod Touch users, but if using an earlier generation device without a camera it will mean you will need to import photos from the Photos app.

During the trip you can still write journals, use pack lists and when in a Wi-Fi area you can view maps and links. If you buy a pair of Apple headphones you can also record audio journals.

What are advantages when using an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4?

  • You can record video.

  • The camera is improved (3 mega-pixels on 3GS, 5 mega-pixels on iPhone 4). This equates to photos of 2048x1536 or 2560x1920.

I need help using the app - where can I get answers?

  • Help can be found in the app, by clicking ‘Help’ on the page where you see the list of Vacations/Holidays.

Can I download the manual?

The manual can be accessed online from here, or downloaded as a zip file here.

I want to give you feedback - how do I do this?

  • Through the Contact page at the top of this site
  • Within the app
    • Go back to page showing list of trips
    • Click on Help
    • Click on the output button on the bottom toolbar
    • Choose Send Email to Support
    • Fill out the details (your device and app information is pre-filled to help with the query)
  • Directly sending an email to

How do I upgrade from My Vacation Lite?

To upgrade you should do this within My Vacation Lite rather than download My Vacation, if you have a trip you want to keep in My Vacation Lite. The upgrade will make your app equivalent to the full My Vacation app. To upgrade go back to the vacation list page and click on Full Version Features, then upgrade. You will be asked to enter your iTunes password.

I've upgraded but iTunes tells me it's still My Vacation Lite?

The in-app upgrade unlocks all of the features of the main My Vacation app, and it will continue to match in features as new upgrades are released. However, there is no way to change the actual app name or icon after the upgrade, so in iTunes it may still appear as My Vacation Lite.

How can I get photos into My Vacation which I took elsewhere?

  • Sync the photos from your desktop computer to your iPhone. You should see them in the Photos App.

    • For videos ensure you tick 'Include Videos' in iTunes before syncing.
  • On the relevant day, add a new photo and select ‘Pick from Photo Library’ (this is automatically selected when using a device with no camera). Then select the photos or videos you want to import.

  • Note: Photos synced to the iPhone may be reduced by iTunes, and the size of them in My Vacation depends on the size selector (Small/Medium/Large) at the bottom of the table showing the photos.

How do I get photos, videos and journals out of the app?

Click on this chart for full details:

How do I move trips from Lite to full version?

Ideally you should upgrade the Lite version from within the app with an in app purchase, and your trip will remain. However, if you have already bought My Vacation, it is difficult to transfer your trip in My Vacation Lite over to My Vacation if it's on the same device. The solution is to use another iOS device (iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone) which you can transfer your trip using the Send to other My Vacation option, then transfer back from that other device into My Vacation on your own device. Contact Support if you need more help doing this.

How do I change the photo that appears on the cover of the trip?

This is determined by which photo you have rated the highest. This influences the trip cover photo, the cover photos for each day, and which photos get into the top 10 on the film roll. To change the rating go into the Photo page and increase the 'heart' rating.

How do I change the photos that appear on the film roll?

This is determined by which photos you have rated the highest. These influence the top 10 chosen on the film roll as well as the trip cover photo and the cover photos for each day. To change the rating go into the Photo page and increase the 'heart' rating.

How do I move the photos around on a particular day?

On the day the photos appear, click on 'Edit' at the top right and from the list of photos below, drag the photo using the move control on the right of the cell.

How can you create a PDF of your trip?

There is no specific PDF option. However, any method that ends up being displayed on a browser (e.g. View On Desktop, Blogger, Wordpress, Dropbox) can be saved to PDF from the browser. With the browser showing your trip, click on File -> Print... Then on a Mac, click on PDF -> Save as PDF. On PC, there should be a printer driver that saves to a PDF rather than actually print.

How is My Vacation data backed up?

  • Every time you sync with iTunes all application data is backed up. When this happens the last backup is replaced unless you have specifically saved a particular backup. If you do need to restore, note the whole state of the phone is restored. If you need to resort to this read: for instructions (see Backing up your iPhone section)

  • Each photo taken with the camera is stored to the camera roll

  • By publishing via one of the many options described in this FAQ. The only way for a full backup is to send the trip to another instance of My Vacation e.g. the iPad app My Vacation HD, or a friend's iPhone.

Does finding the GPS location mean I need to enable data roaming when abroad?

Data roaming charges are very expensive. To make sure Data Roaming is disabled, go to Settings -> General -> Network and check if Data Roaming is Off.

The only limitation this imposes on the ‘building’ of the travel journal is with the geo-locating of each photo (finding it’s location and showing a map).

The iPhone uses assisted GPS (A-GPS) which means that it has a full GPS unit that doesn’t require an internet connection. However, with an internet connection (3G or WiFi for example) it finds it’s position much more quickly. Otherwise it can take a long time. However, after finding it’s position it should be quicker when taking subsequent photos in the same area.

Once you’ve taken the photo you can see if the location has been found on the little map. Try to keep the phone on until the blue ring closes in around the blue sphere. As the ring gets closer it indicates the location has been more accurately identified.

I don’t get a matching location when I type xxxx in. What can I do?

Having a matching location is helpful, not just in saving you typing time, but also so its map location can be found.

The place names and locations are found by using a look-up using Geonames service. This has a huge database but sometimes will not have smaller places. In case there is no internet connection of in the rare case that Geonames service is not available there is a database of major cities stored within the app.

If Geonames doesn’t recognise the place:

  • Type it in anyway and click on Save.

  • You will be prompted to move map center to where the place is.

  • Zoom in to where the location is and the pin in the center of the screen will be used as the position.

Please let us know if you encounter this problem with a place you would expect to be available.

How do I change the temperature or distance units?

  • Press the Home button to quit the app

  • Find the Settings app

  • Scroll down to My Vacation

  • Change to correct setting

The app crashes - what happened?

If the app crashes, you can help us diagnose the problem by enabling crash reporting. See this blog post.

How can I tell what version is running?

Access the in-app help by clicking ‘Help’ on the page where you see the list of Vacations/Holidays. Click on the 'action' button on the bottom toolbar and bring up an email to support. From here the current version is auto-filled in for you.

Why do I get an error 403 when uploading to Blogger?

You may get this error if you enter in the wrong username and password details. We have also encountered this when a user has exceeded their allowed space on Picasa. Whenever you upload photos to Blogger the photos are stored in Picasa (all under the same Google account). If you exceed 1Gb you need to make some space or upgrade.

Are new features going to be added soon?

There will definitely be plans for further updates and I have some exciting features in the pipeline.