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My Vacation for iPhone and iPod Touch 


My Vacation is a complete travelogue in the palm of your hand.

Are you planning your next trip? My Vacation will let you plan and document your travels with one easy-to-use app.

Already featured in App Stores across the world, the app has also been picked as "Best App for Sharing Adventures" by O'Reilly's Best iPhone Apps book.

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  • Plan activities and what to pack before the vacation.
  • Create a travel journal containing photos, videos, maps, journals and audio recordings.
  • Interactively follow a playback of the trip
  • Upload to Dropbox, Facebook, Blogger, Wordpress, Flicker, Twitter, Email and create postcards.

By letting you organize your photos and videos as you go along, it creates a complete record of your trip – one that you can playback and share with friends and family in several different ways.


Here’s the conclusion from a review by everythingiCafe:

Our grade: A
While testing out this app, I couldn’t help but think of Apple’s remarks on their intent to weed out the “cookie cutter” apps in search of more usable ones, and also how Steve Jobs himself described the iPhone as “your life in your pocket.” I wouldn’t go so far as to say this My Vacation app fully embodies the ideal of your life in your pocket, but it does a darn good job of documenting your life over the span of a week or so…all in your pocket. The media capibilites here with photos, video, and audio; the preparation features; the interface and presentation of your vacation; and the thoughtfulness behind connecting it all together definitely makes this app a winner and a “must-download” for the travel-hungry.


If you want to see for yourself what the app looks like then view the screenshots or watch this video:



Compatible with iPod Touch and iPhone. The ability to take photos or videos in the app depends on your device, but you can also import from the Photos app.

There is also a Lite version for you to try before you buy.  If you decide to upgrade you should do this within the app using the upgrade option if you want to keep your first trip from the Lite version.