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My Vacation HD App Store Reviews

5/5 June 9, 2011 Mannga

I love this app - I have looked at a few travel diary apps. I believe this one does everything you would need from a travel diary. I gave it 5 stars not only for the App but also for the support. I thought there was a problem with it and notes to Facebook. Within about two hours I had a reply back. I think that is exceptionable. It turned out to be my lack of understanding of how Facebook handled notes.

5/5 Feb 20, 2011 Longueull

The best - I like it. Very very useful

5/5 Nov 18, 2010 by Nellsy1307

Great App - This is up there with the best apps I have on my iPad. create stunning visual diaries. You will never forget what you did on another holiday again. Superb app at a great price.

5/5 Sep 30, 2010 by Andrea Bongiovi

Ottima app! - Bellissima, fa quello che dice e permette di tenere un diario delle proprie vacanze con foto e testi e anche suoni. Permette di pubblicare l'intera vacanza su FaceBook comprese le foto. Graficamente molto buona. Da avere se volete usare il vostro iPad in vacanza e mostrare le foto in slide quando tornate.

5/5 Sep 17, 2010 by renard8450

Near perfect travel journal! - This app does a great job of capturing travel details. I needed an app that can export and this one does a great job! The travelogue page is a great format for export. The maps are a nice bonus. I'm just getting started using the app but so far am very pleased - the price is a great bargain for the functionality included. One tiny wish list item would be a way to store flight data with the trip. You can add a note but a dedicated import screen with a drop down for airline names, date picker for flight dates, etc would be great.

4/5 Sep 3, 2010 by cdusher

Very promising - I agree with the first post.I too have been looking for this sort of app.It appears quite functional the little I've played with it.Going on a cruise in a week, so I'll be able to give it a good test.Looks like a real good start.So far I'm pleased with the purchase.Looking forward to watching it mature.I've purchased several apps i deleted shortly after.Usually like when there is a limited free version to look at, but so far, so good.

4/5 Sep 1, 2010 by JMTMD

Sophistication beyond it - The price of the app belies the sophistication and scope of the application. This is also a visually attractive application - FileMaker should have a look at this app to see what is blatantly missing in Bento. I was initially attracted to the app when looking for an app with trip planning features - the app does have modest planning features, but it's main selling point is that it works well as a trip blogging app, allowing uploads to Facebook, etc. The feature set is rich, although access to those features is not as intuitive as it could and should be - the author will want to polish the "in-app" navigation as the program matures... this is only version "1"...