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My Vacation App Store Reviews

Here is a sample of the reviews kindly submitted by users on the App Store.

5/5 Mar 27, 2011 by LChornet

What a great idea! - Love this app! It's easy to use, great for planning multiple trips and then journaling and photographing to document the travel and share with any choice of link. Especially useful features for translation and currency conversion.

5/5 Jan 1, 2011 by Mitch90210

Totally Cool! - This app is exactly what I was looking for. We are planning a trip to Egypt soon and have been looking for a app that would allow us to keep a journal, take photos, videos, Geo Tag our photos etc, etc. This app does it ALL. I have only been using this app for a few days and it works flawlessly. I tested uploading to Facebook as well as sending via email. The best feature is uploading to Drop Box and sending a link out to family and friends. The recipients receive a link that will open like a web page with all of the features you selected to uploaded. Words can't express what a visual for this does. If you are skeptical, there is a lite version but I not sure if the Facebook/Dropbox features are available. I have downloaded almost 150 apps for my iphone and have never submitted a review before this. Totally worth the $2.99 - Support is great as well. Not that you will need it since the on board help files can answer all of your questions. Buy it today and travel tomorrow (the house payment can wait).

4/5 Nov 12, 2010 by Caleeya

Nice!! - I really like this app! I use it to journal my trips so when I get home I can have all the info for my scrapbooks. I like it because it does everything it should!

5/5 Sep 15, 2010 by skipperwills

Super app - This is a really useful app and great way to record and remember your holidays. Very intuitive and brilliant presentation.

5/5 Sep 4, 2010 by Vonnipp

Just Brilliant! - Have just returned from a 2 week hol, using this for the first time. It is incredibly used friendly and impressive to look through once you have entered all the data. What a great reminder it will be with videos, stills, audio and written journal. So much more fun than bringing home plain pics. Thank you!

5/5 Aug 25, 2010 by Misfit69

Pleasantly surprising app! - I downloaded this app at the start of a trip and was really happy with how easy it was to use and how neat it put all my info together. It made me look like I spent hours working on a presentation of my trip! I recommend watching the sample first to understand the best way to use it.

5/5 Jul 31, 2010 by Marmiksea

Had fun using this app - I found this app easy to use on my recent trip. I have not ever been good about keeping a daily journal and this was easy to use. I loved being able to add a few pictures to remember each spot. Emailing it back to family and friends was a wonderful way to stay connected. I will use it again.

5/5 Jul 19, 2010 by BurnardTheGurnard

Already planning my next vacation! - What a great idea to put both the planning and the postcards in the same app. I used to have a "things to take on holiday" entry in Notes, but now I will be using this from now on.

5/5 Jul 11, 2010 by MH1122

Handig - Leuk!

4/5 Jun 30, 2010 by Mel Sydney

Best in Class: Nice, Easy and Elegant. - I used My Vacation extensively during a 3 week vacation in Europe: London, Paris and Rome. The App is fantastic in real-life use. Easy to use, links audio to any photo, shoots video, organizes the trip by day and sequence of events, upload to Facebook on the fly, allows written entries for each trip and each day. When I returned I could not find an easy way to transfer to my iPad, then Version 2.0 (3-Jun-2010) was released and I transferred all my trips to the iPad (though still small iPhone screen). All in all, a great app and highly recommended to preserve your vacation memories. I bought it at $4 and thought it a bargain; at $1 it's a steal. I cannot believe such wonderful software can be sold so cheap.

5/5 Apr 21, 2010 by SuzieMojo

Perfect travel companion - I lose everything and never am organized enough to put up an album. This app will help me stop pounding myself in the head after every trip. Thanks.

4/5 Mar 30, 2010 by Bahamagirl345

Bahama girl - All I can say is WOW!!! Very nicely done. Very easy to use. Wherever u Geo tag you can pull up all local info. You can record notes, photos, text. It has a calendar where pictures and video. You can't send video to facebook- not sure why. The filmstrip is so cool. It shows your photos movies it. Love it. !!!

4/5 Mar 23, 2010 by dcwebman

Great start for a new program - This is a great start for a new app. I love the planning ability to plan your trip before you leave along with the To Do list, Packing list, and any notes. Audio captions and journal entries is something I haven't seen before which is nice in addition to the normal text. Rating photos is helpful when determining which ones to keep or export. Selecting the size of the photo is useful especially if you are going to email the vacation. The presentation of a finished vacation is beautiful on the phone. It would be nice to be able to export a similar presentation to the web or via email though. Overall a thought out program for a vacation and it can only get better!

5/5 Mar 17, 2010 by Milo143

Extreme Scrapbooking - Wow. I can't really think of anything this app left out. I feel like it's practically a hobby just to play with this app because there are so many components to this. And as a list maker, I like the entire list making section. It's cool how it automatically makes a really nice looking slideshow out of your trip info and media. very fun.

5/5 Mar 17, 2010 by eames1948

The perfect travel companion - I liked this app a lot more than I thought I would. While it seems it's a little time intense to be using it to journal it is very handy for jotting notes and tagging photos that you need to remember later. The email feature is nice as well as it's super convenient and easy. The slideshow component was a nice surprise and is a great, brief overview of the day with the journal, location, and photos. Another bonus is the todo/packing lists with suggestions as to last minute things to bring/do which can also be quickly emailed to your travel buddies. Well done! I'll definitely be using this for my upcoming trip!