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The idea to set up Jasper Apps came in the Summer of 2009 while on a trip to Jasper, Canada. The decision to move from a good job working in a large company to setting up an iPhone development company should have felt risky but was more exciting!

The App Store has opened up a great opportunity for independent developers. My motivation is to create apps that are useful rather than gimmicky. With hindsight for the first app there is merit in starting small but the first project My Vacation is an app that could journal your life!

After a few months of hidden away development, in March 2010 the first app by Jasper Apps was launched called My Vacation, which was followed up with a Lite version in April, and My Vacation HD in August. Both apps have been featured by Apple and reached number 2 in Travel on the Apple App Store.

In March 2011, the app Do Notes was released, also featured by Apple as a New and Noteworthy Productivity App.

Jasper Apps is based in London, UK. Please feel free to contact me via the Contact panel of this website.

Tony Short,


Jasper Apps.